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Fly, little bird, fly
This world’s not your nest
You belong somewhere higher.

The dealings of this world are too cruel for you
The clear stream of your heart shall flow in some place cleaner.

The little time that you spent here, with us
Was a lesson
A lesson, to teach every one of your friends & family
That life beyond things still exists
That there still is love.

Your time’s up
There’s no more to do
You had to go away, leaving your friends in tears,
But all I can say is
Fly, little bird, fly
To a world of peace & happiness.

~~ Everyday is thus, a reason to smile.


Monkey Tales

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Every aspect of the existent problems in the society, everywhere, is linked to the problem of implementation. There is a very urgent need for government to be able to make the existent laws comprehensive so that the nation sees a much stronger n more efficient implementation of these.

All of us have read about monkeys in nursery n the primary classes. What do we take them to be? What, according to us, should these monkeys be doing? I know, these questions seem to be very, very irrelevant with what I just said above but, they’re not. The basuc things that we’ve learnt are that monkeys live on trees, in jungles and can swing on the branches of trees jumping form one to another. However, like the bear, the monkeys also are in a very sorry n vulnerable state today. Its sad to see that they’re are taken out of their natural homes/habitats anmd brought to cities, taken here n there, made to walk on roads in scorching summers by illiterate madaris.

I had heard about these madaris earlier and known that they make monkeys dance but, its always when you see things like these happening that you realise how bad they are. The other day while going on to college, I saw a madari in the colony with two monkeys walking with him. The one thing that horrified me was the way in which the monkeys’ faces were painted with make-up. It was shocking for me to see that and saddening too! :(

However, this behavior of ignorance and misuse of the animals by an illiterate man is still understandable for me. He was poor, so he went into the jungles, caught two monkeys, trained them somehow and now makes them dance here n there to earn a living. He might even love them n tend for them. But, the wort part is the ignorance and lack of compassion in the so- called richer and more educated sections of the society.

Technically, as I came to know about enquiring about whether all this is legal or not from ‘Friendicoes’, keeping monkeys as pets is illegal & so is using them to put up shows by the madaris.

Upon hearing this, I got excited n asked them to help me save those monkeys. But, here comes the downer. They said, that the laws in Indian are so weak that the madari can easily get away from it all by poducing fake ownership papers. Also, even if they are taken to the police stations n reprimanded n the monkeys taken into shelter; these greedy men will again go n get a new pair of monkeys to earn a living for them hence, forming a vicious cycle.

Worse than all this is the attitude of the rich residents of this colony! They encourage the madaris by requesting them to perform n hurriedly calling their kids to watch the show where one of the monkeys is called ‘Rani Mukerji’. :P

I just wanted to ask those stupid, senseless, stinking rich n so-called educated people, what the heck are they teaching their own kids! All I can do is just write about it here n hope that people like those will stop encouraging the misuse of animals for entertainment.


It is a sincere request to all who read this, Please do nto let humans exploit any animal for enteratinment. It is our duty to protect the misused animals and to bring a change in the way people think!


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Every little thing has its own relevance, it may be a small yo-yo or even your first diary in which you scribbled names of classmates randomly and jotted their numbers. :) All things, how much ever stupid and unimportant then are a symbol of one’s happiest days in life, childhood.

Even the term childhood brings a smile to my face. The times when I was sheltered, the times when I would cry loudly, without even getting embarrased, upon pricking my finger with a thorn.

Growing older is nice. It gives you freedom, sensibility and all of that. I consider myself blessed to have been chosen to go through whatever “hardships” :P I’ve faced till now, I can say I’ve grown up. I’ve learnt so much over the past one and a half years that I get amazed at times. There is still much to learn but all I can do at the beginning of the year is to say a big thank you for those who stood by me when time tested me and a bigger thank you to those who came into and left my life giving me an opportunity to grow! :D

Oh and this was not supposed to be a “new year post”. :P

Anyway, where was I? Yes, little things of childhood!

So, the other day, while packing to come back to Delhi, I sat and started cleaning my study table. Though Maa had been after me since ages to do that but I finally did it after an year! :P

And guess what, I encountered so many useless but not so useless things from my childhood, little things that Maa asked me to throw away but I couldn’t. They’re priceless memories, memories of a lost childhood, memories of Papa. It seems unreal that I had such a life before, I think all of us go through that, umm, “phase”.

But in all after looking at those things, I realised what a perfect childhood I had, which as all of us, I never valued. It was beautiful, the times I spent with Dad, they were just beyond happiness! :)

The three best things that I found in there which I plan to get to delhi with me the next time I go back are:

  1. Balvihar :)
  2. The shells that I picked up on the river bed when we went for boating to Kalakho.
  3. And the BEST one :D, Tarla Dalal’s Thai Cookbook! :D

The cookbook, when I got it, I didn’t really care and didn’t even appreciate the gesture! Now, I realise how thoughtful it was of you, Pa!

Time goes by, its always better when one realises and appreciates gestures of loved ones in the present. Though I regret sometimes that I couldn’t fully understand your caring attitude then, but I guess that is what a child always does; take, take and take and never realise how much of a pain giving might cause to the parent and a parent, well, there are no words to describe them! They’re awesome as it is, selfless, caring, loving and a zillion other nice things! :)

So, in the end, all I gotta say is that I love you Pa and just be happy wherever you are! :)

Pind Balluchi- A review :P

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The Table Setup

So, I finally sit down to write something that is my sole love in life: FOOD! :D

I had heard A LOT about ‘Pind Balluchi’. Today, my friend, Nupur, took us all to Pind Balluchi, Connaught Place, New Delhi. Here are a few observations of the lunch:

  1. Overall look from outside: Below average; specially as there is a lot of hype related to this particular restaurant.
  2. Ambiance: Beautiful! The interior is perfectly suited to the name.
  3. Menu: The offerings are pretty good in terms of variety.
  4. Service: Very slow. :|
  5. Food: a) Taste: Good, but nothing extra ordinary. Your typical Dal Makhani and stuff; b) Quality: Okay! Not very good, including the not-at-all-sour Banta Soda, the ice cold Gulab Jamuns and the Tilla Kulfi with hair in it! :P *yuck*
  6. Prices: As far as the size of the portions and the quality of the food is concerned, it is not very paisa vasool! :-/

Overall, I will give it a 2.5/5 (as if I am a big food critic! :P) to Pind Balluchi and would anyday prefer a roadside dhaba on the Delhi-Chandigarh highway for the “Pind” experience and awesome-ly priced, great tasting food! :)

The Grey between the Black & the White

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All my life I’ve just known about the existence of two shades of a soul: Black & White. Its with age & the good fortune of getting the chance to survive here in this very interesting place, with very, very interesting people; that I have encountered another shade of the soul-Grey.

What’s right and what’s not, who decides that; what is the criterion for the JUDGEMENT?

Is White the ONLY color to be? Is it Nature’s Law to be timid and obey the society’s “rules”? Is Black really that dark? Who gets to choose? Is every soul in the world either Black or white?

I don’t think so. I think I’m grey, my parents are grey and my friends are grey too! What’s wrong with that? Everyone’s idea of both fun and work is as different and varied as there are human faces on this earth.

So, in all, as part of my observation, I’d conclude that while its awesome to be White; its as great to be Black sometimes!

As far as the saviors of the true Indian Culture, the moral police among ourselves (some radical and confident enough to voice their “moral stand” and take stupid and drastic actions while some others coward enough to just stand and just point their fingers at others who are gutsy enough to go and enjoy their lives) are concerned, for me they can go on a hike in their “Bhagva Vastras”, with their very, very contradictory “Videshi Daaru” and can still claim to be the protectors of the so-called “traditional” crap, while the world waits for their hypocrisy to end!

HBD! :)

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A very Happy B’day to you, Pa!

We love you! It was an altogether different day today. Everything was ordinary yet so extra ordinary! Weird, I know. :P But, yeah, Mum’s presence made it easier, though, I have no idea about your son’s head. :P

Ya, so today got me remembering the same day last year, when I first got the initials HBD in the form of a cake. :)

Remembering that, though we might not talk today, but I really appreciate her kind and genuine gesture for me and may God bless them for whatever they did for me!

That’s all I have to pray to you today. Rest, you know it all.

Be happy, where ever you are (though I know you’re with us half the time)!

We love you! :)