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She stares…

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She stares with eyes bright,

She stares with eyes wide,

She stares with desire,

She stares with longing.

Is there anyone who can do something?

Is there anyone who will give it to her?

When will it all end?

When will her longing end, her wish fulfilled?

When will there be an end to her wait?

When will she be free?


This one I dedicate to Salmi who works for us day and night, toils to earn a few bucks, but still cannot get what her heart wants; unlike most of us who don’t value what we already have. I hope to give what she wants very soon, very very soon! :)



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Okay, so for a first time poem, this one could be a bit too much, but I am happy to post my first ever poem here! :D

So, it goes like this:

Life’s beautiful when you’re there,

Life’s beautiful when I hear your voice,

Life’s beautiful when i can see you,

Life’s beautiful when I can feel you.

When will you know it all?

When will you know that I care for you?

When will you that your sight, sound, touch gives me a high?

When will you know that I love you?

When I made a friend read this, she swore that I was in love! :O BUT, that is not the case! No such happenings in my dry and boring life till date, though! :P *sigh* ;)

Till next time! :)