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The Grey between the Black & the White

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All my life I’ve just known about the existence of two shades of a soul: Black & White. Its with age & the good fortune of getting the chance to survive here in this very interesting place, with very, very interesting people; that I have encountered another shade of the soul-Grey.

What’s right and what’s not, who decides that; what is the criterion for the JUDGEMENT?

Is White the ONLY color to be? Is it Nature’s Law to be timid and obey the society’s “rules”? Is Black really that dark? Who gets to choose? Is every soul in the world either Black or white?

I don’t think so. I think I’m grey, my parents are grey and my friends are grey too! What’s wrong with that? Everyone’s idea of both fun and work is as different and varied as there are human faces on this earth.

So, in all, as part of my observation, I’d conclude that while its awesome to be White; its as great to be Black sometimes!

As far as the saviors of the true Indian Culture, the moral police among ourselves (some radical and confident enough to voice their “moral stand” and take stupid and drastic actions while some others coward enough to just stand and just point their fingers at others who are gutsy enough to go and enjoy their lives) are concerned, for me they can go on a hike in their “Bhagva Vastras”, with their very, very contradictory “Videshi Daaru” and can still claim to be the protectors of the so-called “traditional” crap, while the world waits for their hypocrisy to end!


HBD! :)

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A very Happy B’day to you, Pa!

We love you! It was an altogether different day today. Everything was ordinary yet so extra ordinary! Weird, I know. :P But, yeah, Mum’s presence made it easier, though, I have no idea about your son’s head. :P

Ya, so today got me remembering the same day last year, when I first got the initials HBD in the form of a cake. :)

Remembering that, though we might not talk today, but I really appreciate her kind and genuine gesture for me and may God bless them for whatever they did for me!

That’s all I have to pray to you today. Rest, you know it all.

Be happy, where ever you are (though I know you’re with us half the time)!

We love you! :)

He cried…

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It was midnight.

She got a call. She was asked to sign on his death post. She refused, getting a faint hint of what was to be her future.

Today, whenever she hears the red siren, she is pulled back in time, to that fateful morning when death followed them.

She sat in a car with a similar red siren ringing on it, with him lying down near her, sustained on an artificial breather.

Sunlight dappled in through the tiny window, onto his face. She could see pain in his face, sadness in his eyes.

They said that t’was the Sun that caused his soul’s windows to leak.

But, in her heart, she knows that on the gloomy day that it was, it couldn’t have been the brightest star.

She knew that on that sad day, he cried…

What’s going on?

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A man walks down the street.

He comes across a chicken that lays 2 eggs each week.

The 1st week, he picks up 1 egg, leave 1 for next week, and moves on.

The 2nd week, he comes with his friend. They take 2 eggs and leave 1.

The 3rd week, 3 of them come and take all 3 eggs.

The 4th week, 4 of them arrive, take the 2 eggs laid that week, and the chicken gives them an IOU for the following week.

In the 5th week, 5 of them arrive, they take the 2 eggs and the chicken that can’t be trusted to fulfill its IOUs.

This is the point of the Living Planet Report: that we are using up more resources (eggs) than our planet (the chicken) can provide.

We may not really know whether the egg or the chicken came first. But we do know that the chicken will be our final meal.

So, all we got to do is THINK, think about the consequences of our acts even before a small act like littering. This world is ours and hence, it is in our hands whether we want to see the future generations thrive or we want to see them suffer.


She stares…

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She stares with eyes bright,

She stares with eyes wide,

She stares with desire,

She stares with longing.

Is there anyone who can do something?

Is there anyone who will give it to her?

When will it all end?

When will her longing end, her wish fulfilled?

When will there be an end to her wait?

When will she be free?


This one I dedicate to Salmi who works for us day and night, toils to earn a few bucks, but still cannot get what her heart wants; unlike most of us who don’t value what we already have. I hope to give what she wants very soon, very very soon! :)



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Okay, so for a first time poem, this one could be a bit too much, but I am happy to post my first ever poem here! :D

So, it goes like this:

Life’s beautiful when you’re there,

Life’s beautiful when I hear your voice,

Life’s beautiful when i can see you,

Life’s beautiful when I can feel you.

When will you know it all?

When will you know that I care for you?

When will you that your sight, sound, touch gives me a high?

When will you know that I love you?

When I made a friend read this, she swore that I was in love! :O BUT, that is not the case! No such happenings in my dry and boring life till date, though! :P *sigh* ;)

Till next time! :)