Mosaic was started in 2009-10 to give a shape, a more solid form to the random thoughts that came to me anywhere and everywhere. Literally. From random poems (I’d like to call them that since haikus make life so much easier!), to opinions on anything under the Sun; you will find them here. Despite of it being some time since this blog was started, I still choose to first start with some fresh parchments and ink for my thoughts or nowadays, audios which eventually become a piece. The aim is to at least try and ensure that I do not lose whatever I write in rough pages of notebooks or even the backside of ticket print outs! I am in the process of making this a thing by accumulating all of my writing which was spread out in differently themed blogs on the Internet and make this one melting pot of thought and hence, a representation of me! You can find and like my Facebook page! Would love to connect with you. :)

Oh, btw, I am Shivranjana from India. You must have figured it out through Twitter. But, anyway, hi!


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