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A few nights ago there was torrential rain in the area that I live in. I lied down on my bed to sleep early but, the joy of the rain that I felt did not seem to let my mind be at rest.

I stayed up through the night, lying in the same corner of the dark room. Flashes of lightning occasionally lit my wall revealing the string of Buddhist flags hanging above my bed. As I reveled in the joy of my being able to stay up and witness the beauty that rain is, I came up with a few lines in the head. They do not seem to take the shape that they could have in that moment but, anyway they get dropped into the memory box too.

I lie down here.

In the warmth of my bed,

In the patience of the room’s darkness.

As I lay here, waiting for sleep to come.

The quiet of the night calms me down as I hear myself breathe.

The flashes of lightning

Throw light on the many things that I had missed.

Things about him. Things about me.

Before this moment, there was rain whenever thunder resonated the need for someone else.

Today was however, different. It rained, after a lot of effort, but it did rain.

The fall was however, of joy, of finding the reality of calm within.


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