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Off lately, I have been dreaming
Dreaming about you, yet again,
Haunting me day and night.
I don’t like it
But I’m pulled back into the past.

I go about here and there
Without actually knowing where
‘Coz its still rooted deeply
In what they call the sands of time
Ever so ironical- nothing yet so much inside, heavy yet unstoppable.

I’m not sure when this will end.
Not sure when I’ll be “at peace”.
I don’t even know whether I’ve reached there or not.
One thing that I’m certain about however,
The quest shall continue till you reach the destination, the haven of divinity.

The jewel lies locked up in the chest
I took care of that, and threw the key away
So that it’ll never be found, not even by me.

Time has shown
And continues so
The place is to be found alone
No help shall be useful
The journey shall itself become the destination.


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