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What is life? I often find myself asking this question.

Is it one, is it many?
Is it the infant born in a reputed hospital, or is it the one born on the streets?
Is it in music, or is it dance?
Is in in the unforgettable past, is it in the eagerly awaited future?

What is life then?!
I realise that I do spend a good amount of time pondering on such fundamental questions of life. I think, to a large extent, that my experiences make me think, question. I feel, life is the present that originates in the glorious past and stretches far and wide into the horizon of our future. Life is till the time the quest to be happy is still on. Darkness does not imply the end of sunlight. The Sun is life, bright and illuminating!

The other day, I saw a small kitten die on the streets when a car ran over its little neck. The look of excruciating pain with its eyes tightly shut will haunt me till my last breath. I did, silently, shed a tear or two mourning the end of a life, grieving just how unimportant the kitten’s end was for so many people!

But, today, when I see cats in college scavenging for food in dustbins, it reminds me of that same kitten and I become aware of the fact that its life had not ended, but just begun. It was to live the life of a stray, untended cat just for a few months and then get free.

Hence, life is eternal


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