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Every little thing has its own relevance, it may be a small yo-yo or even your first diary in which you scribbled names of classmates randomly and jotted their numbers. :) All things, how much ever stupid and unimportant then are a symbol of one’s happiest days in life, childhood.

Even the term childhood brings a smile to my face. The times when I was sheltered, the times when I would cry loudly, without even getting embarrased, upon pricking my finger with a thorn.

Growing older is nice. It gives you freedom, sensibility and all of that. I consider myself blessed to have been chosen to go through whatever “hardships” :P I’ve faced till now, I can say I’ve grown up. I’ve learnt so much over the past one and a half years that I get amazed at times. There is still much to learn but all I can do at the beginning of the year is to say a big thank you for those who stood by me when time tested me and a bigger thank you to those who came into and left my life giving me an opportunity to grow! :D

Oh and this was not supposed to be a “new year post”. :P

Anyway, where was I? Yes, little things of childhood!

So, the other day, while packing to come back to Delhi, I sat and started cleaning my study table. Though Maa had been after me since ages to do that but I finally did it after an year! :P

And guess what, I encountered so many useless but not so useless things from my childhood, little things that Maa asked me to throw away but I couldn’t. They’re priceless memories, memories of a lost childhood, memories of Papa. It seems unreal that I had such a life before, I think all of us go through that, umm, “phase”.

But in all after looking at those things, I realised what a perfect childhood I had, which as all of us, I never valued. It was beautiful, the times I spent with Dad, they were just beyond happiness! :)

The three best things that I found in there which I plan to get to delhi with me the next time I go back are:

  1. Balvihar :)
  2. The shells that I picked up on the river bed when we went for boating to Kalakho.
  3. And the BEST one :D, Tarla Dalal’s Thai Cookbook! :D

The cookbook, when I got it, I didn’t really care and didn’t even appreciate the gesture! Now, I realise how thoughtful it was of you, Pa!

Time goes by, its always better when one realises and appreciates gestures of loved ones in the present. Though I regret sometimes that I couldn’t fully understand your caring attitude then, but I guess that is what a child always does; take, take and take and never realise how much of a pain giving might cause to the parent and a parent, well, there are no words to describe them! They’re awesome as it is, selfless, caring, loving and a zillion other nice things! :)

So, in the end, all I gotta say is that I love you Pa and just be happy wherever you are! :)


One thought on “Shells

    K00lmaal said:
    January 14, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    I really like your writing style, it touches my heart, man. Lots of <3 for you

    And i hope you stay happy and positive like this forever maayyyn. I'm sure your dad is really proud of you for what you've now become.

    A budding teenager. :P


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