What’s going on?

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A man walks down the street.

He comes across a chicken that lays 2 eggs each week.

The 1st week, he picks up 1 egg, leave 1 for next week, and moves on.

The 2nd week, he comes with his friend. They take 2 eggs and leave 1.

The 3rd week, 3 of them come and take all 3 eggs.

The 4th week, 4 of them arrive, take the 2 eggs laid that week, and the chicken gives them an IOU for the following week.

In the 5th week, 5 of them arrive, they take the 2 eggs and the chicken that can’t be trusted to fulfill its IOUs.

This is the point of the Living Planet Report: that we are using up more resources (eggs) than our planet (the chicken) can provide.

We may not really know whether the egg or the chicken came first. But we do know that the chicken will be our final meal.

So, all we got to do is THINK, think about the consequences of our acts even before a small act like littering. This world is ours and hence, it is in our hands whether we want to see the future generations thrive or we want to see them suffer.



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